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Marwari Pachkuta

Marwari Pachkuta

Desert Five Spice

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Overview: Experience the authentic taste of Rajasthan with our Marwari Pachkuta. This traditional mix, also known as the 'Desert Five Spice', is a symphony of five unique, sun-dried ingredients that have been handpicked to bring you the genuine flavor of the arid desert region.


  • Ker: A small, tangy wild berry that adds a burst of zest.
  • Sangri: A long bean native to the Thar desert, known for its nutritional richness and distinct taste.
  • Gunda: A kind of wild berry that is both piquant and succulent.
  • Kumat: A desert fruit that offers a balanced, mild bitterness.
  • Amla (Indian gooseberry): Renowned for its numerous health benefits, it adds a sour touch to the mix.

Taste Profile: A harmonious blend of tangy, bitter, and sour, the Pachkuta is a testament to Rajasthani cuisine's ingenuity in creating delectable dishes from the harshest of environments. Each bite transports you to the heart of the desert, allowing you to savor the tales, traditions, and hospitality of Marwar.

Health Benefits:

  • Rich in Nutrients: The combination of these sun-dried ingredients ensures a wholesome dose of vitamins, especially Vitamin C from the amla.
  • Digestive Aid: Traditional Marwari households rely on Pachkuta for its digestive benefits, especially during the scorching summers.
  • Antioxidant Properties: The ingredients, particularly amla, are known to have strong antioxidant properties which are essential for overall well-being.

Culinary Uses: The versatility of Marwari Pachkuta allows it to be the star ingredient in various dishes. From the famed Pachkuta curry to spicy pickles, its flavorsome essence enhances every preparation.

Usage Instructions: Before embarking on your culinary journey with Marwari Pachkuta, ensure to wash the mix thoroughly under running water to remove any dust or residual impurities. Soaking them briefly can help in rehydrating the dried ingredients, making them easier to cook with. Once washed, drain the water and proceed with your chosen recipe.

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool, dry place. Ensure the container is sealed to retain maximum freshness.

Discover Tradition: Marwari Pachkuta is more than just a spice blend; it's a journey through the sands of time. Dive into Rajasthan's rich heritage with each dish you create, and let Desilea be your guide to age-old culinary traditions.


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