Fresh flavors from India to USA

Desilea brings traditionally loved authentic desi food and herbal products fresh from India to the USA. Our latest additions include Indiblend brand of healthy and delicious Laddus and Oswal brand of handmade papads, namkeens, moong vadi and Asafetida (hing).

Rajasthani Village women making Papad

We are a family owned company and source directly from traditional food houses and gourmet producers to ensure the quality as well as freshness of all our products. Prepared from the choicest quality ingredients; each product is a representative of consistency in taste and quality. Packed in the attractive resealable pouches our products ensure a higher shelf life and prolonged freshness. 

We envision building a company that benefits the local women employees and talents in the villages and small towns of India. 

Our customers are paramount in realizing our vision and hence, we strive to provide exceptional service to delight all our consumers to the best of our abilities. We hope that each of our customers has an excellent experience with us and enjoys our fabulous products. 


Our Laddoos
Indiblends Laddoos
Our nutrient rich laddoos from Indiblends are jaggery based andpreservatives free. These laddoos boost immunity and increase energy, making them a perfect choice for morning breakfast or afternoon snack. 

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         Our Papads

Experience the taste of India, with a delicious array of moong sada papad,   moong special papad, chatpata chana   papad, and punjabi masala papad.   Handmade using the best quality   ingredients, these Papads ensure finger   licking taste and customer satisfaction.

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Our Namkeens  

Enjoy our crispy and mouthwatering traditional Bikaneri Bhujia, aloo bhujia, Hing Sev, Kadak Sev, and Hing Sev Pakodi made with fresh herbs and best quality spices.

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Moong Vadi


Our Moong Vadi

This tasty and nutrient-packed vadi is made with moong dal and spices. Add them to any sauteed green veggies and rice dishes.  

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Our Hing

Surya Hing

Enhance the flavor of your cooking with our all natural salt free Hing (Asafetida). Great for digestive aid and as condiment in food and in pickling.

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